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9.4 (a) The following four components of an organisation were identified by Mintzberg

A Operating core

B Support staff

C Strategic apex

D Middle line

For each of the following jobs, state which component they fit into.

(i) Canteen worker

(ii) Production worker

(iii) Sales manager

(iv) Director

(b) Which two of the following statements are not consistent with Handy's shamrock organisation?

A Self-employed technicians should be hired on a project-by-project basis

B The contingent work force consists of employees on long-term contracts

C The professional core should consist of full-time, fixed salary employees

D The organisation looks for ways that consumers can do part of the work of the organisation

答案: (a) (i) B

(ii) A

(iii) D

(iv) C

(b) B, C


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