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9.1 (a) Paul, Mary, Alan and Kate are having a board meeting of a newly formed company and they are discussing the orientation of the company.

Paul believes that the company will actively need to persuade customers to buy their products.

Mary believes they should add additional features to their products, without carrying out market research, and this will increase demand from customers.

Alan believes the products will sell as they are and the company should produce as many items as it can.

Kate believes that they should research what customers need and value and adapt the products to meet the findings of the research.

The following are types of orientation of a company

A Production orientation

B Product orientation

C Sales orientation

D Marketing orientation

For each board member, select the orientation they are recommending.

(i) Paul

(ii) Mary

(iii) Alan

(iv) Kate


(i) C(ii)B(iii) A(iv) D

(b) Breaking up the market into different groups, which each have common needs, wants and preferences is known as

Which of the options below correctly fills the blank?

A Undifferentiated marketing

B Marketing mix

C Mass marketing

D Market segmentation



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